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" Emptiness here, emptiness there,
but the infinite universe
stands always before your eyes. "


A beautiful experience of the aesthetics of tea ceremony!


I want to wake up and smell the cold forest air, I want to feel the soft moss under my bare feet as I sip tea. I don’t want to worry about what time it is or whats going to happen next. I just want to be.

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Going to a Hindu yoga ashram for evening Satsang :D
simple-indigo-child:  What happened to your girlfriend?

We broke it off a couple of months ago because long distance was too difficult. It was mutual and there was no drama so it turned out pretty well. I’m just a person that enjoys expressing my affection physically and it was getting difficult.

Anonymous:  are you a taurus ?

I’m considered an Aquarius (II)

Anonymous:  I hope you dont take offence to this but I think youre really handsome

Thank you! :)