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Mumonkan, Koan 5: Kyogen’s ‘Man Up In A Tree’

Kyogen Osho said: “It is like a man up in a tree hanging from a branch with his mouth; his hands grasp no bough, his feet rest on no limb. Someone appears under the tree and asks him, ‘What is the meaning of Bodhidharma’s coming from the West?’ If he does not answer, he will lose his life. What would you do in such a situation?”

" You will always exist in the universe in one form or another. "
How to Master the Art of Living : zenhabits


Imagine you had a gorgeous blueberry sitting on the otherwise empty plate in front of you. You pick it up gently, place it on your tongue, and begin to taste it.

You already know how a blueberry tastes, and so when this one is a bit riper than you’d like, you make a face, feel the disappointment, swallow it with displeasure.

Or perhaps it tastes exactly as you’d expected: no big deal. You swallow, and move on with your day.

In the first case, the blueberry was disappointing because it didn’t meet expectations. In the second, it was boring because it met expectations.

Now try this: have no expectations of how the blueberry will taste. You don’t know because you haven’t tried it yet. You’re curious, open to a variety of tastes.

You taste it, and really pay attention. You notice the tanginess, the firmness of the skin, the sweet mushiness of the center, the complex flavors that emerge as you eat it. You didn’t know how it would taste, but this is brilliant! It’s new, because you’ve never tasted anything quite like it.

This is sometimes called the Beginner’s Mind, but I think of it as a mind free of expectations.

Zen may seem mystical with it’s confusing koans and proverbs, but it basically boils down to being completely present in everything we do. That coupled with being aware of what our minds are doing while we do it. This is the mirror we hold up to ourselves that becomes clearer as we polish/practice it. This is a good article in explanation of that!

This is also part of the meaning when the wonderful Koan/story comes up:
"The Master said, "When I am hungry, I eat; when tired, I sleep." The reply was sharp. "That is what everybody does!" "When they eat," said the Master, "they eat, but are thinking of other things, thereby allowing themselves to be disturbed; when they sleep, they do not sleep, but dream of a thousand things." One thing at a time, in complete mindfulness, is the mental discipline."

"The fool will laugh at you, but the wise man will understand." - Linji/Rinzai

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Zen Training


'The object of Zen training consists in making us realise that Zen is our daily experience and not something put in from the outside. A master, Dogo, had a novice called Soshin. When Soshin first came to the monastery, it was natural for him to expect lessons in Zen from his teacher. But Dogo gave…